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Alpha Math Station is a personalized math and reading/writing tutoring center for Pre-K to 8th grade students designed to build their core skills while developing analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and precision.

1)      What curriculum does Alpha Math Station follow?

Our curriculum exceeds the breadth and depth of the school curriculum. It was designed to build a strong foundation for students using the best of world standards and methodologies.

2)      Do you prepare students for GT or CBE tests?

We prepare students for their current school year as well as for future years. We also prepare students for STAAR, GT and CBE testing as a part of our program, without charging any additional fee.

3)      What benefit does Alpha Math Station serve if my child is already performing well in school?

Advanced students may find work in their grade level too easy. Hence, we will ensure that they will continue learning past their grade level and be given more challenging problems to keep them ahead of their peers.

4)      My child is behind in school. How long would it take to get back on track?

Our goal is to instill a long term benefit to each of our students through enforcing good study habits, enhancing critical thinking skills, and boosting confidence. This way students will progress both in the short term as well as in the long term through reinforced study habits.

5)      How often do students attend Alpha Math Station in a week?

Students typically attend Alpha Math Station twice a week, for at least 45 minutes per session. More advanced skills typically take longer to learn and practice.

6)      How much one-on-one teaching time will my child receive?

We do not have any time limit. Our caring and committed instructors teach our students as long as necessary for them to understand and complete their class work.

7)      What are quick to use math formulas?

Our curriculum includes a variety of formulas to solve arithmetic problems much faster. These skills when mastered enable students to solve problems in seconds that would otherwise take minutes. We teach many of these quick to use math formulas, and encourage our students to develop their own quick ways of thinking.

8)      Why Alpha Math Station?

Traditionally, it is customary to think of mathematics as a body of facts to be memorized, and a collection of techniques to be practiced, until skills become automatic. But the drawback is that while the student may learn the operations, they may still not know what operations to perform when faced with a word problem.


Our objective is to enhance our student’s core math skills, to build and promote powerful reasoning, logical thinking and good self study habits. Our curriculum enables a child to apply problem-solving skills with proper emphasis on speed and accuracy.